School Bus Remote Surveillance Cellular Video Streaming w/GPS & Wi-Fi

SD4FHCT DVR features:

  • ”Testudo Lifetime System Warranty Protection" (included)
  • 4G Video Streaming, Live View from all cameras from remote PC or Smartphone
  • Live GPS tracking, vehicle location, and route history
  • GPS Vehicle Speed & On Screen Mapping included shows bus location
  • Wi-Fi Wireless module built-in, Wi-Fi antenna included
  • Automated Data File Download via Wi-Fi
  • 512 GB  Twin SD Card Bays for 100% Solid State Memory Capacity 
  • 4-channel School Bus Video DVR accepts 4  cameras with audio
  • Mosaic "Blurring" software to help protect non-involved passengers
  • Built-in 3-axis Accelerometer, Crash trigger & G-Sensor Charting
  • 1080P-AHFD  High Definition 1920 x 1080 TVL & H.264 compression
  • “AHD” DVRs were designed to function with new Megapixel & older CCTV Analog cameras with standard connections 

SD4FHCT Cellular 1080P-AHD System Pricing:

SD4FHCT-1 ...1-Camera 3G Video Streaming Student Transit Bus Camera Observation Surveillance $1,200 - $1,300
SD4FHCT-2 …2-Camera 3G Video Streaming Student Transit School Bus Camera Observation Surveillance $1,300 - $1,400
SD4FHCT-3 …3-Camera Live View 3G Streaming Megapixel Pupil Transportation School Bus Video Safety $1,400 - $1,500
SD4FHCT-4 …4-Camera Live View 3G Streaming Megapixel Pupil Transportation School Bus Video Safety $1,500 - $1,600
Reseller Pricing Available
3G/4G Live View Cellular Screenshots

SD4FHDT  1080P  images are too large for website use in Quad View, meaning all 4 images at the same time, so below are single camera view Full HD 1080P screenshots to demonstrate the clarity.  The Quad View shots are from low-resolution Non-HD version DVR with 1/4th the resolution just to show the Graphical User Interface.