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School Bus Cameras with GPS Can Verify Student Pickups and Drop-offs

In the low-cost school bus camera transportation market, there are many times when claims of when a bus stopped and when it picked up or dropped off students might have been made.
Affordable School Bus Camera solutions with passive GPS (no sue fees) offer a built-in means of documenting and verifying or disputing any claims that may be made.

From when they start the bus to when they drop off the last student, bus drivers have been reported to arrive early at the stop or late. In both cases, the children are often not there to get on the bus, and the child misses the bus for the day, causing school officials to contact the parents. With new regulations tying students in school time to federal funding, missing school in unexcused absence can often lead to legal consequences against the student and the parents.

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Why You Do Not Want VLS School Bus Tracking In A School Bus Video System

VLS, or Vehicle Location System, is a real-time way to track the location of a school bus or other vehicle. When you invest in a mobile video camera recording system with the option of including a real-time live streaming GPS option with live GPS tracking, you have a cellular connection that permits you to use your PC or smartphone to track your school buses or other fleet vehicles. This article discusses the pros and cons of such a system incorporated into your school bus video camera surveillance systems.

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School Bus Student Safety Cameras To Protect Against Autistic Children Abuse Crimes on School Buses

An incident at Littleton Public Schools in Colorado, where an aide was fired and arrested after a video was released of the aide repeatedly assaulting an autistic child on the bus transporting this special needs student to The Joshua Schoo, a Colorado private school for students with autism.

There were multiple claims of autistic students being abused and assaulted, creating a pattern of this type of sociopathic hateful behavior against autistic children leading up to the arrest of this video-documented autistic child abuser.
As a civilized society, it is our moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety of children entrusted to the state, while riding on public school buses.

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School Bus Security Cameras Can Help Reduce Bulling On The Bus

Federal prevention restrictions for bullying in schools and on school buses now make those offenses a criminal violation, and many states also have similar bullying regulations enacted by their legislators.
The sum effect of school children’s bullying offenses in school and on the bus now creates a need and calls for a means to document this criminal behavior for enforcement when violations occur.

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School Bus Cameras Can Help Drivers Operate Safely

School bus drivers have one of the most high-risk and low-pay jobs due to the extremely high value of the cargo they transport, our children.

Few other passenger transportation applications have to deal with immature little children, bullying, gang-related issues, underage sex issues, and vandalism all at the same time. My personal experiences in testing our systems on buses transporting children were other than at an airport or shooting range; you are hard-pressed to find a higher level of noise and ear-harming, mind-numbing decibels than on a school bus.

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School Bus Cameras Can Disprove False Texting Claims

Public school bus drivers, charter bus drivers, and contractor Pupil Transportation School Bus drivers are often accused of doing things they should not do, such as texting while driving a school bus. When these claims or accusations include breaking state or federal laws, state laws as well as local district guidelines, there needs to be a mechanism to verify or dispute those claims.

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School Bus Cameras Help Prevent Vaping On School Buses

Pupil transportation be it a contract carrier or public or private school bus transporting students to and from school, have a new underage child vaping issue to deal with.

While children vaping on school buses may not be as severe as gang-related assaults or school bus bullying of students, this is a concern as underage vaping is a crime. The laws are clear on who can vape and there are age restrictions generally excluding everyone still riding a school bus to and from school.

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Popular Questions About School Bus Camera Systems *****Part 10

The below is a continuation of recent questions asked in no particular order and with the understanding that some of the questions asked require proper legal, due diligence with an attorney, not a non-legal commentator, so what is offered is common responses, not in any way recommendations or advice founded in legal case precedent, so caveat emptor.

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