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Common Questions Regarding School Bus Camera Systems Part 2

When asked what teacher or professor was most influential in my education, I honestly respond “Socrates”.
That response did not go over well with my college professors, but in reality none of them were in any way influential in my future, but Socrates taught the world, and I, the value of questions. 

You can learn much about school bus video camera systems if you listen to the questions of those who aere seeking to learn about them, those seeking the knowledge to choose wisely for their district.

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Common Questions Regarding School Bus Camera Systems Part 1

Over the last 30+ years of sales and service in the mobile digital fleet monitoring markets, I have been asked many entry level questions by those seeking to learn more about school bus video camera surveillance systems so they can make an educated investment, and many of them share the same concerns expressed in the questions they have asked, so I have listed a few of the most common questions and the answers so others may benefit from the same information.

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Primary Components of School Bus Video Camera Systems

Often the search, due diligence and selection of a school districts school bus video camera surveillance system is an impromptu delegated task of someone with little to no knowledge or experience of the systems. In some cases they simply drew the short straw. What follows is a basic review of the School Bus Video Camera System components and their functions in the system as a whole.

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Memory Storage Type Determines Dependability of School Bus Camera Systems

Choices, like actions have consequences.
Some school bus camera system DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) store files on a Hard Drive, some on a SDXC card.
When you choose a memory storage device for the video camera system for your school bus fleet, you are making a choice that will forever effect the capacity and dependability of your system.

There is a direct tradeoff in Storage Capacity and Storage Dependability in the mobile school bus camera system market. This is due to the fact you must choose the memory storage device and the choices offer drastic differences.

For example: 
Would you rather have a full year of video files stored on your Hard Drive based DVR, or would you rather have 100% Solid State dependability in case something goes terribly wrong?

The choice is yours and yours alone, as “value” is subjective, meaning only you, the customer, can determine the best value to your district. Neither I nor any smooth talking commission sales persons suggestion or opinion of what your district needs is relevant, as neither I nor they determine the best value for your district, you do.
What follows is a brief overview of the pros and cons of both memory storage devices so that you can make an informed and educated choice as to what is the best value for your school district.

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Top Questions To Ask A Potential Supplier of School Bus Video Camera Systems

Classical education illustrates how Socrates taught the world the value of questions. He led by example and literally questioned everything, as only by asking questions can we learn what we do not already know or understand and the world of school bus video camera systems is no different.

To learn what you need t know you must ask questions of the so called “experts” who claim to be able to offer you what you want and need.

There is a steep learning curve in the understanding of school bus camera surveillance systems and their application. The fastest way to useful knowledge and illumination is through the right selection of questions that will test the self proclaimed “Experts” knowledge and thus verify their authenticity.

What follows are the Right Questions to Ask to determine honest answers will follow and insure you obtain the best value for your district funding.

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Why Purchase School Bus Video Camera System from American Bus Video?

School Bus Video Camera Systems are available from many sources; some foreign, some domestic, some new to the market, some with 30+ years experience in sales and service of school bus video camera systems, some who understand school bus surveillance camera equipment they offer, the features and adaptability and use thereof and some who are simply reading a sales PDF making a cold call interrupting your work during a commission sales attempt to ask if you want cameras for your school buses.

The choice of who supplies your school bus video surveillance camera system is almost as important as the equipment itself.

For example a professional who is technically educated, has personally installed thousands of systems, has trained customer service persons on how to install and troubleshoot their systems, has worked with customers in technical support and honestly cares about meeting or exceeding your districts needs will actually listen to what you tell them, ask you questions to determine your needs before offering potential solutions.

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Video Player Update Now Available for Download for; School Bus Camera & Mobile Video Safety Camera

New Video Player for SD4H & SD4FH School Bus Video Camera Surveillance Solutions is available for free download.

New DVR_Player Update for Download:
Some customers of our High Definition School Bus Camera Surveillance Solution were having issues with older model High Definition DVRs not functioning properly with the newest DVR_Player software, so a new improved version is now available for Free download for all Customers using any of our High Definition Mobile DVRs, including the below:

  • SD4HD
  • SD4HW

Reseller designated Contractor Student Bus Camera systems DVR models are also encouraged to download the use the new DVR-Player GUI, aka Video Player

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School Bus Camera Resolution Differences 1080P, 720P, D1

​As technology advances, School Bus Camera Surveillance Systems resolution differences become more important in the selection process for DVR platforms for school buses as older Analog systems have long ago been replaced with High Definition 720P megapixel camera systems in school bus surveillance applications, and they too are soon to be replaced by the Full High Definition 1080P school bus surveillance camera systems.

Now more than ever it is important to choose wisely as history can give you a glimpse of what the future offers for those who choose wisely.

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Bus Seat Vandalism Solution via School Bus Video Camera System

School Bus Video Camera Systems can offer a management tool to help document as well as deter vandalism to the bus, damage to the seat covers and other unwanted destruction of district property, while at the same time providing a measure of protection and accountability for the students the school bus video camera system records. Cameras in school buses can help prevent the high cost in materials and labor involved in changing damaged school bus seat covers annually.
As with all forms of protection against risk, the best time to provide this measure of management oversight or insurance is before you need it.

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Do My Buses Need School Bus Video Cameras?

School Bus Video Camera Systems are a popular risk management solution too many challenges facing school district administrators. Pupil transportation vehicles equipped with sequential time and date stamped unbiased high definition video surveillance systems can provide digital expert witness video evidence when necessary. High Definition Stop Arm Camera Systems can help enforce child safety laws regarding passing buses while loading or unloading.
As with all forms of protection against risk, the best time to provide this measure of management oversight or insurance is before you need it.

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