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Do I need more than 4 cameras on my school bus video surveillance system?

One of the most common questions we are asked when speaking with a prospective School Bus Camera System customer is how many cameras do we need on a school bus?
While this seems like an easy question to answer it has many aspects that need to be addressed before a simple number of camera heads can be determined dot be sufficient for the customer’s intended purpose.

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How to save money purchasing School Bus Video Surveillance Cameras

Most of the Fleet Vehicle Video Camera Recording systems we provide are purchased by public or private charter school bus camera applications.
In the effort of stretching budgeted funds and keeping costs down in an era of inflation, it is always a wise idea to invest wisely and ensure you get the best value for your budgeted funds. What follows are a few tips for saving money or budget funds when investing in school bus camera security camera systems for your buses?

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Lifetime Warranty or new School Bus Camera DVRs every few years?

Currently, there is a choice to be made based on the longevity of a fleet-based mobile video system recorder.

The choice is to purchase a system and wait for the DVR to fail to then replace the entire system, as most companies plan obsolescence of products so they can sell you new cameras every time the DVR technology is upgraded.

The other choice is to purchase a system with a Lifetime System Warranty, and never pay for a previously purchased component again.

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School Bus Camera System Backward Compatibility saves money and Reduces Pollution

Technology can be a double-sided sword. Meaning that it can greatly assist you in achieving your goals or desires, but at the same time if used incorrectly can have negative or damaging effects.

In the school bus, camera market advances in technology have their pros and cons and it is important to understand a simple choice in DVR types, can condemn you to a total loss of freedom and opportunities in the future to integrate other similar components.

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Propriety School Bus Cameras Waste Money & Cause Pollution

There are many compelling reasons for a vehicle fleet manager to select an Industry Standard connector-based system, as should anything change in the future, you, the customer would have the ability to use other components from a myriad of suppliers.

Most suppliers of Vehicle Video Camera Recording systems and School Bus Child Safety Camera surveillance systems employ a business model of “Propriety connectors” to help them ensure that once they sell to a customer that customer has little to no choices in purchasing subsequent systems if they wish to have any commonality of components. This business model of “Propriety connectors” has collateral damage to the environment that these dealers seem either ignorant or apathetic to address.

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Reduce Bus Seat Vandalism with Bus Video Surveillance Cameras

For more than 2 decades, School Bus Video Security Camera systems have been documenting and helping to prevent bus seat vandalism and damage on school buses, charter buses, paratransit buses, Airport shuttle buses, and casino transport buses.
These high-quality High Definition Vehicle Video Camera Recorders have been providing digital expert witness sequential documentation of the events occurring on the bus during passenger transport.

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The Value of School Bus Camera Backwards Compatibility Part 4

With the advent of AI-developed design and testing some products and their software now have very long service lives compared to products that came before them a short few years ago.

The result of longer-lasting products is the reduction of demand for them from customers who purchased them in the past when they wear out due to the now longer service life.
For example, the Chevy 327 engines were some of the most durable, long-lasting engines designed in their time.
They worked so well and lasted so long that their service life became an issue of concern to those who sell and offer service for them
Something needed to be done to increase the service side of the business and that meant the elimination of these long-lasting engines and replacement with an engine that required more service and maintenance over time.

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The Value of School Bus Camera Backwards Compatibility Part 3

Most people can make a good choice for the present. Meaning given the circumstances in play right now choices can be made based upon those circumstances and were everything to remain constant forever, those choices would remain sound choices.

Life as we know it is best summed up by Thomas Jefferson; “Life is an animating struggle”.
Meaning it is constantly changing, filled with new challenges that will force us to adapt in different ways to those challenges in order to survive, or excel.
In order for purchasers of Low Cost Cameras for School Buses to make educated value based decisions they require honesty, disclosure and accountability.

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The Value of School Bus Camera Backwards Compatibility in School Bus Cameras Part 2

The true measure of wisdom is the ability to consistently make good choices.
Those charged with selecting a suitable School Bus Video Camera system or School Bus Stop Arm Camera system for their district will all make a choice to select a product that can serve the needs of their district moving forward into the future.

The test of time will reveal if you chose well or chose poorly and squandered the budget funds on a poor choice.
What do you need to know, need to ask, or need to consider, to help ensure the choice you make reflects well on you and serves your district needs far into the future?

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