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Bus Contractor Student Transport Services 

There is a wide range of private enterprise services offering Public School District students transportation to and from school each day across the USA.

General Classifications may include:

  • Private School Bus Contractors
  • Contract School Bus Transportation
  • Outsourcing School Bus Transportation
  • School Bus Contracting Student Transportation
  • School Bus Contracting
  • Private Bus Service for Schools Students

Regardless of how your company is structured or what your service provided the school district is called out entails, many Public School Districts now require onboard school bus surveillance video recording systems on every bus that is commissioned or contracted to transport Public School District children.

School Bus Surveillance Camera Compliance affects the following: 

  • Private School Bus Contractor Compliance Bus Camera System
  • Contract School Bus Transportation Compliance Bus Camera System
  • Outsourcing School Bus Transportation Compliance Bus Camera System
  • School Bus Contracting Student Transportation Compliance Bus Camera System
  • School Bus Contracting Compliance Bus Camera System
  • Private Bus Service for Schools Students Compliance Bus Camera System

While the districts makes the requirement for a mobile video digital expert witness in the form of a bus video surveillance camera system, are often doing so to be able to verify or dispute with digital expert witness sequential video evidence, there are benefits to the contractor transporting service provider as well.

Benefits to Private School Bus Contractors include:

  • Ability to dispute complaints made against your drivers
  • Ability to document abuse, threats and violence towards your driver from students
  • Ability to document problems experienced by parents or non students getting on the bus
  • Ability to prove your driver was not Texting While Driving
  • Ability to document what student cut or damaged your bus seat covers
  • Ability to document what student vandalized the bus with graffiti or gang tags

When you are in the market for a mobile school bus video system to meet compliance requirement of a school district customer, it makes sense to invest in the system that will provide your company the best value for your dollar.

Choose a company with 30+ years of Sales and Service experience in this market, not some fly by night company that will be gone when you need service in the future.

Make sure the system you purchase has a 10-Year Camera warranty standard, make sure the system you purchase offers a lifetime system warranty that covers every single part of the school bus video camera system, so should something break from normal wear and tear even 15 years in the future you will get a replacement part at no cost.

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