‚ÄčAnother the SV bubble dome camera we sold many years ago. While the video and audio were decent, many, many customers complained of the fragile fiberglass or plastic base breaking where the screws secured the base to the bus roof. Some customers in very cold environments noticed severe cracking in cold temperatures as if installed in summer months when the bus metal contracted in winter the plastic or fiberglass cracked causing mounting issues. Our only solution was to replace those fragile plastic/fibre cameras with real metal vandal resistance cameras.  Professional school bus video or vehicle camera mounted with no cables for children to tamper with. STC & BTC professional cameras are true vandal resistant cameras that will not crush like eggshells when struck with a child's fist or shoe. Disposable plastic or eggshell thin sheet metal cameras are a poor substitute for true vandal resistant camera. Notice the IR LEDs are built in as is the mic, so there is no crap hanging off the camera to provide a weakness to fail or a potential hazard to the child, just a all metal rounded case.